Dubsdread Real Weddings – Nicole Brooks and Jeffrey Clyne


Real Weddings – Nicole Brooks and Jeffrey Clyne

At Dubsdread Catering we love being dedicated members of the team that makes your big day your best day. While we are masters at the planning and executing the behind-the-scenes work, we know our clients have their own unique perspective on their event. We thank recent clients Nicole Brooks and Jeffrey Clyne for graciously sharing their experience to benefit others.

BRIDE AND GROOM: Nicole Brooks and Jeffrey Clyne
WEDDING DATE: January 30, 2021
VENUE: The Historic Ballroom at Dubsdread
EVENT COORDINATOR: David Osmola, Senior Wedding & Event Coordinator

PHOTOGRAPHER:  George Street Photo 
FLORIST: Flowers by Lesley 
DJ: Soundwave Entertainment Orlando 
DESSERT: Cake Designers 
PLANNING: Priscilla Rose Events 
BRIDE DRESS: Nikki’s Glitz and Glam Boutique 
OTHER: VIP Transportation 


How/where did you get engaged?

We got engaged at Disney Springs’ Christmas Tree Trail. We were meeting some of our friends to go look at the Christmas trees, and I was starting to wonder if he would pop the question that night as Jeff had been teasing me for weeks about when I would finally get my ring since I already knew he had it. When we arrived at Disney Springs, he actually showed me an empty ring box and said it wasn’t happening that night. Admittedly, I was a little disappointed, but I decided to shake it off and enjoy the trees. As we were walking through the trail, Jeff asked which tree I wanted to take a picture with, and that I could only choose one. I chose the Frozen tree since Frozen is one of my absolute favorite Disney movies. We posed in front of the tree while our friends took pictures, and then Jeff dropped to one knee and pulled out a DIFFERENT ring box and the rest is history!


What are you most excited about for your wedding day?
We’re most excited about getting to celebrate our big day with all of our family and friends!

What aspect are you excited to plan the most? (ceremony, food & beverages, photographer, DJ)
We’re most excited to plan the food and beverages as every vendor we’ve spoken to so far had just raved about how amazing the food at Dubsdread is so I can’t wait to taste it and plan our menus, beverages, and overall guest experience.

How do you feel the planning is going?
It’s been going well! We got a lot of the major planning done pre-COVID, so the last few months have been mostly spent waiting to see if we needed to re-arrange or adjust our date or plans at all. Now that we have a better understanding of what to expect for January, planning has gotten much easier. We’re also at the planning point where most of the decisions left are design and attire, so it’s been mostly me consulting with my mom, future mother-in-law, and bridesmaids who have all been extremely helpful. Jeffrey got to help plan his favorite part, the food, already so he’s happy with his contribution!

What have you found to be more difficult than you expected?
Honestly, it’s been much more difficult than I thought to make final decisions on things. I envision something and then change my mind three or four times until I fall in love with something. Then I dream about it and start second guessing myself but in the end, I always manage to talk myself back into my original choice.

What has been more fun about the process than you expected?
Picking out the floral centerpieces and arrangements has been tougher than I would have guessed. I’m not very flower or plant-savvy but my future mother-in-law is, so we’ve had a blast just brainstorming ideas and putting things together and seeing how they all look together. Choosing the food at our tasting was definitely the most fun! Dubsdread made the tasting such a VIP experience and we left feeling stuffed but excited about our choices!

What was the best, most memorable part of your big day?
The best, most memorable part of our big day would have to be our private last dance before our big exit. Our entire day had been about celebrating with our friends and family which was incredible, but it was so special to have a moment just to ourselves where we could really just take in the fact that we were finally married.

If you could change one or two things about your event, what would they be?
If I could change anything, I would have provided my photographer with a shot list of pictures I wanted to get. The day before and the day of were crazy busy so I totally forgot or ran out of time to actually write down my shot list. The photographers both did an AMAZING job but there were just a few specific pictures I wish I had gotten.

Is there any advice you would give other couples planning their event that you wish someone had told you?
I honestly don’t think there’s anything I wish I had been told because I think I got every possible piece of advice from everyone throughout the process! But I do want to say that you should not lose sleep over the itty-bitty details. When the day is done, you’ll be married to the love of your life, and that’s truly all that matters. Your guests won’t even notice or remember that you didn’t have a wedding hashtag sign created.


Photos courtesy of the bride and  George Street Photo

When you book a wedding with Dubsdread Catering at one of our exclusive venues, we provide wedding coordination at no additional charge. Our coordinators become dedicated members of your team bringing experience and expertise to help you execute your vision. Contact them today via our Contact Us page to make our team your team in making your dreams come true. 

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