Dubsdread Real Weddings – Taylor Emanuel and Chance Caspary


Real Weddings – Taylor Emanuel and Chance Caspary

At Dubsdread Catering we love being dedicated members of the team that makes your big day your best day. While we are masters at the planning and executing the behind-the-scenes work, we know our clients have their own unique perspective on their event. We thank recent client Taylor Emanuel for graciously sharing her experience to benefit others.

BRIDE AND GROOM: Taylor Emanuel and Chance Caspary
WEDDING DATE: November 11, 2020
VENUE: The Highland Manor
EVENT COORDINATOR: Michelle Edminston, Wedding & Event Coordinator 

Photographer: Ashley Krug Photography https://ashleykrugphotography.smugmug.com/
Florist: Your Flower Lady https://www.facebook.com/yourflowerlady/
Cake: Bake A Wish https://bakeawishonline.com/
DJ: Fleet DJ’s https://www.fleetdjs.com/


How/where did you get engaged?
We got engaged in Rome, Italy during an international soccer game of Lazio versus Inter Milan. The Italian team, Lazio, worked with Chance for our proposal which was broadcasted on ESPN’s website. It happened shortly after we found our seats. Chance said he had to grab something and within a few minutes of him leaving, our song comes on and it was being played throughout the entire stadium. Next thing I know, an announcer is calling my name, asking where I am. Once the camera finds me, Chance walks out onto the field, gets down on one knee, and proposes to me right there on Lazio’s soccer field in front of thousands of people. 

emanuel real wedding

What are you most excited about for your wedding day?
We’re most excited about being married and spending the rest of our lives together. We believe God blessed us by allowing our paths to cross, and we couldn’t imagine what life would be like without the other. Everything else in regards to our wedding is just an added bonus!

What aspect are you excited to plan the most? (ceremony, food & beverages, photographer, DJ)
Planning our ceremony is top of our list. We simply cannot wait to be married and share the next phase of our life amongst our family and close friends.


How do you feel the planning is going?
At this point, we have absolutely no complaints with how smoothly planning for our wedding has been going! We connected with one of the best wedding coordinators, Michelle Edmiston from the Dubsdread Catering Team, and she truly has been a blessing. She has helped us dodge some potentially negative situations, helped us finalize ideas, and has provided so much guidance and wisdom in regards to our big day. I have no doubt our wedding day will run smoothly because of all the behind-the-scenes work done by our team.

What have you found to be more difficult than you expected?
The one thing that we have found to be more difficult than we expected is trying to please everyone. Unfortunately, we have discovered that you cannot make everyone happy, no matter how hard you try. We are constantly reminding the other that at the end of the day, all that matters is that the two of us found each other and will get to spend the rest of our lives together.

What has been more fun about the process than you expected?
The best part about planning our wedding has definitely been seeing all the pieces come together. We love planning and coordinating, from the tiniest details to the largest ones.


What was the best, most memorable part of your big day?
The most memorable part of our big day was when I walked down to isle to be with the man of my dreams. I remember locking eyes and feeling as if I were on cloud nine. Truthfully, it felt as if we were the only two people at the ceremony. In those moments, no one else mattered, nothing was on our minds. We were filled with complete and utter happiness and we were ready to begin this new journey as husband and wife.

If you could change one or two things about your event, what would they be?
I honestly don’t know what I would change because the only thing that mattered to me was that I was marrying my husband. 

Is there any advice you would give other couples planning their event that you wish someone had told you?
Some advice that we’d like to share with others is just to take a moment, completely stop, and take it all in. Enjoy looking at everyone and everything. Watch everyone’s faces light up as you two enter the room. Take a mental image of everyone and everything and enjoy the moment. Also, remember things may not go as planned during that day, but you have to shrug them off and remember the real reason you’re there. Don’t waste your time worrying about what isn’t going right. Just smile through it all and remember you are marrying the person you plan on sharing forever with. It’s not about the D.J., the guests, the scenery, or the outfits. It is strictly about you and the love of your life taking a huge step towards your forever.


Photos courtesy of the bride and  Ashley Krug Photography

When you book a wedding with Dubsdread Catering at one of our exclusive venues, we provide wedding coordination at no additional charge. Our coordinators become dedicated members of your team bringing experience and expertise to help you execute your vision. Contact them today via our Contact Us page to make our team your team in making your dreams come true. 

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