Pro Tip: How Do We Pick the Right Wedding Photographer for Us?

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Pro Tip: How Do We Pick the Right Wedding Photographer for Us?   

Dubsdread Catering Team Event Specialist, Peighton Ballant weighs in with professional tips for this often-asked question about selecting the right wedding photographer for you.

Your wedding photographer is one of the most important vendors to contribute to your big day. The photographs will become one of your most treasured keepsakes and may be one of the few things you get to remember the day by. But how do you pick your wedding photographer, and what should you look for? We’re here with some Pro Tips to help you hire the perfect photographer for your wedding day!


Some venues might have a specific list of photographers you are allowed to use, so it’s important to figure this out before you book your dream photographer. It’s also helpful to know if a photographer has been to your venue, or even specializes in that setting. For example – if you have planned for a church wedding, and a photographer mainly showcases beach weddings, they may not be the right fit for your event, no matter how much you like their photos.

Ideally, you want to book your venue and photographer at least nine months before your big day. 


Do your homework and scroll through Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and any social media outlet to get an idea of what you’re attracted to. There are several options to choose from, such as film, dark and moody, bright and saturated, photojournalistic, etc. Also, don’t just look at the colors and edits of the final product, look at the angles and poses that the photographer tends to lean towards. 


Research some photographers that have their prices publicly listed and figure out how much you are willing to spend. It’s also important to make sure you understand what is included with each photographer’s packages. For example – two photographers might have the same price, but one includes a complimentary engagement session, while the other does not. 

Ask how long the photographer will be on site, typically seven to nine hours is ideal. Also, check to see if a second shooter is included as you will get more detailed shots this way. 

Pro Tip: Make sure you know from the beginning when you should expect to receive everything, from your sneak peek to the full wedding album. It will save frustration and also gives you a glimpse into the way the photographer operates.


It’s a good idea to meet with your photographers in person before deciding. You’ll be spending a big chunk of your day with them, so make sure you like them not just as a photographer, but as a person, too! Do your personalities mesh? Do they listen to you? Do they explain things in a professional manner? Meeting in person may also make it easier for the photographer to break down their packages and answer any questions that you may have. 


Once you’ve met with a few photographers and have compiled all their information, it’s time to decide. When it comes to selecting your photographer, it all comes down to picking someone you’re comfortable with, and who will capture your vision. When you have a genuine connection with your photographer, it will make the day much less stressful, and they will be able to capture all the real emotions you are feeling throughout the day.

Years from now, your photos will be one of the few things you have to reflect on and relive your day, and you will thank yourself for taking the time to invest in your dream photographer. 

Peighton Ballant is an Event Specialist with the Dubsdread Catering Team and enjoys working with prospective couples to discover what they are most interested in bringing to their special day, and how to make those ideas come to life. Contact her today at events@historicdubsdread.compicking photographer 2picking photographer 3picking photographer 4picking photographer 5

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