Pro Tip: Is a Pinterest Board Really Helpful for Wedding Planning?

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Pro Tip: Is a Pinterest Board Really Helpful for Wedding Planning? The Dubsdread Catering Event Team weighs in with professional advice for this often-asked question.

Whether you’re recently engaged or simply trying to plan that perfect, dream wedding when the time comes, Pinterest is the perfect place to get gather, share, and cull your thoughts in one place. Filled with endless possibilities of color schemes, decorating ideas, poses for photos, and more, Pinterest is one of the best places to start if you are completely lost, or even if you know exactly what you’re looking for and just need a helping hand. It also helps you communicate to your event planners, family, and bridal party your ideas and plans for the big day.

We Know It Can Feel Overwhelming – But It’s Worth It!

Many of our clients ask us how to get started, so we’ve gathered our best advice and insights on how to create the best wedding board for your big day.

  • START WITH JUST ONE BOARD: When you are first getting on Pinterest to plan your wedding, you are going to want to create a single board to pin any and everything that catches your eye. These initial pins do not have to have the same color scheme, idea, or theme — you are simply just gathering inspiration from everywhere. This board may be a whole mix of colors and décor, but that’s okay! There are so many different possibilities when it comes to a wedding and you have to start somewhere.
  • DON’T WORRY ABOUT RUNNING OUT OF IDEAS: Pinterest has a feature where if you click on a photo you like and scroll down, it will continue to bring up more photos that are similar to the one you clicked on. And one of the best things about Pinterest is their search feature. It allows you to search any topic, idea, or item you may have in mind, which leads to endless pinning. You’re able to scroll through an infinite number of pictures to find things that you want to have at your wedding.
  • ORGANIZE AND REFINE: Once you’ve scrolled through hundreds of pins and have created a solid wedding board, it’s now time to start organizing. Start swiping through all your pins and unpinning ideas that no longer really catch your eye, or simply don’t appeal to you anymore. And be sure to take your time on this, really imagine how you want your wedding to look. According to The Garter Girl, your final wedding board should have around 10 – 20 pins that give an image of what your wedding is going to look like in the end.
  • SECTION: And now that you’ve fully narrowed down your wedding board, congrats! There’s only one last optional step you can do to make sure everything is fully organized. Pinterest allows you to add “Sections” within a board. This can be a cake section, a wedding dress section, etc. Move all your pins into their respective section to keep everything in order, while still being in your overall wedding board.

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Sharing Really Is Caring – And Helpful!

Before you know it, you’re perfect Pinterest wedding board is complete and ready for you to share with your family, friends, and vendors.

Now that you’re done scrolling, pinning, and deleting, it’s time to use your board to put your ideas into action items! The Dubsdread Catering Team will be there with you every step of the way from the planning process to the day of to make sure it becomes the wedding of your dreams.

You can check out our saved Pinterest page and boards for inspiration at:

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