Pro Tip: What Are Your Favorite Bridesmaid Colors for Spring Weddings?

spring bridesmaid colors 2023

Colors play a huge role when it comes to weddings, and bridemaid dresses are no exception. So much so that some brides and her wedding party put as much thought and consideration into the choosing the specific color and look for bridesmaid dresses, as they do to the bride’s wedding gown. So, we thought we’d ask our team for their opinions and share them here for your consideration.

Peighton Ballant: Green has been one of my favorite colors recently and a soft pastel green in the spring is lovely.
spring bridesmaids green2

Christiana Bullard: Since I am more traditional, I like a classic pastel pink or orange, however I’ve seen some really nice coral options this season.
spring bridesmaids rose

Shanna Paris: I love Spring weddings because I love anything pastel. They photograph so well and compliment traditional white wedding dresses. However, this season, I’ve really enjoyed seeing a shade of coral that is a bit brighter than a traditional pastel as it adds a pop of vibrance that is appealing and has been incorporated into some stunning floral bouquets.
spring bridesmaids coral

Michelle Edmiston: My favorite color is a soft blush because it photographs so well.
spring bridesmaids blush

David Osmola: This is not something I think about, so I’ll defer to our other team members.

Carissa Llewellyn-Burns: I really like the lavender shades I’ve been seeing this season! The light purple color photographs really well and makes a great foundation for some interesting color schemes.
spring bridesmaids purple

Kristen Berry: I’m a huge fan of anything that is earthy and green. I’ve seen quite a bit of a soft green I’d call eucalyptus that is especially beautiful. It looks really good on almost everyone and makes a great color backdrop for flowers.
spring bridesmaids green

So, there you have it! Our team’s opinion on the colors they’ve seen that work exceptionally well for Spring weddings. Still not sure? Start by considering the time of day; whether your ceremony is indoor or outdoor; what photography set-up options at the venue will be as a good place to start. You can also visit our Pinterest page for color scheme considerations to get the ideas flowing:

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