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An Interview with Vendor Partner Honeywood Photography 

At Events by Dubsdread we are proud to become dedicated members of your event team and are happy to share our knowledge and experience about planning for your big event, including finding the right vendor partners for your unique needs. Led by owner/photographer Kristine Napier, Honeywood Photography is one of our partner vendors dedicated to making your special day perfect. Based in Orlando, Honeywood Photography specializes in weddings and family photography services.

Orlando Wedding Photography

Orlando Wedding Photography

Here Kristine shares her experience and answers to some frequently asked questions:  

How long have you been in the industry?
I have had the pleasure of being a wedding photographer for five years now. This is a true passion for me, and I am honored so many amazing couples have chosen me for their special day. 

How many weddings do you do annually? 
I am currently shooting between 35 to 45 weddings a year. 

What is your favorite part of the wedding day?
I cannot pick just one part of the day as my favorite; I truly like them all. As a wedding photographer I get to be with the bride and groom throughout all parts of their day. I love the buzz in the bridal suite as the bride and her girls are getting ready, watching the parents of the couple during the ceremony, the funny and sometimes awkward speeches, and the excitement during the party. 

My favorite moments that always stand out are the first looks: the first look the bride has in the mirror once she’s in her dress and surrounded by her tribe, the bride’s first look as she enters the ceremony, the groom’s first look when the bride walks down the aisle and the first looks after the couple are announced husband and wife. The day is just full of special moments and I feel lucky to be able to capture them. 

How would you describe your style?
I provide my couples with bright and classic images that will hold true throughout their marriage. Photography is like anything and goes through a lot of trends, but the classic and bright images will never go out of style. I want my couples to look at their wedding pictures in 30 years and still be happy with them.

What kind of packages do you offer?
Every couple and every wedding is unique so I every package is customized that way you only pay for what you want. I pride myself on being able to work with people’s budgets, so I let potential clients know to never hesitate to discuss what the budget is. I’m do the work that my clients need, four hours, ten hours, digital images, or albums and prints, it’s truly all up to them. 

How far in advance do you recommend couples book their photographer?
I think that your photographer should be booked right after date and venue have been determined. I know I am personally currently booked into mid 2021, so the sooner the better. I love a couple that plans early!

What advice do you give to couples when choosing a photographer?
The best advice is to pick a photographer that is going to make your day smoother for you and that you get along with. We all know a good vibe when we feel one. If you do not click with a photographer right away, I’d say move on. I’d also say that beyond loving their portfolio, if you are anything less than thrilled to work with them, then they also aren’t for you. Your photographer will be by your side most of the day, so it’s important that you enjoy your time with them as well as the images you receive. 

What is a pet peeve of yours during a wedding? (something the couple may not be aware of)
I don’t know that I have a pet peeve during an actual wedding, but I do have one for planning. That would be Pinterest expectations. Let me be clear, I absolutely love Pinterest and I go into a ‘Pinterest black hole’ as my husband says when I’m looking up inspiration, but most couples do not know how curated those images are. Not all of those images are doable on everyone’s wedding day. I ask my brides to share their wedding boards with me so that we can have discussions on all of their wish list images and we can make decisions based on the reality of the day, venue, and set-ups we intend to have.

What sets you apart from other photographers?
There are many wedding photographers in the Central Florida-area, but I would say the thing that sets me apart is the connection that I make with the couple and their families. I understand that picking a photographer is a big deal and I am absolutely honored to be a part of the big day. I know I have a responsibility to uphold their vision and provide images that reflect their love and big day. Most couples have never been in front of a camera together until their engagement sessions or wedding day. I’m able to take that sometimes-uncomfortable feelings of being in front of the lens and turn it into a fun experience. I, of course, really appreciate when my clients tell me how much they love their pictures, but I love it even more when they say they had fun in the process. 

Want to learn more about Honeywood Photography? Visit them online at: 

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