Pro Tip: Should Wedding Guests Wear Black or Not?

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The Dubsdread Catering Team weighs in with professional opinions for this often-asked question.

Colors play a huge role when it comes to weddings, so much so that some brides give detailed dress codes for specific colors they prefer guests to wear, and even a list of ones they don’t want worn to the event. No matter the requested dress code colors, everyone knows the one color you can’t ever wear to a wedding is white. But what about other colors? There is often some ambiguity around what you can and cannot wear based on how the dress code format is written; time of day the wedding is being held; venue dress codes; and more. One questions our Dubsdread Catering Team gets asked time and time again is: Can you wear black to a wedding?

Black used to be an absolute no-no when it came to wedding attire. People felt it more resembled a funeral than a wedding and didn’t want that negative context on their big day. Over time, though, fashion trends and rules have changed, so naturally people’s thoughts and opinions have changed as well. However, it can be quite a divided issue. Some people still see black as a color you definitely don’t wear to a wedding and others see it for the simple neutral color it is. Add to that, the growing trend of brides choosing black attire for their bridesmaids to wear, which pairs perfectly with traditional black tuxedos and black-tie dress codes. 

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The truth is that the answer is still a matter of opinion, so here are our team’s opinions for your consideration.


  • Carissa Llewellyn-Burns: I am totally against wearing black to a wedding. I would’ve been so upset if someone had worn plain black to my wedding. To me, it is the color you wear for a funeral. I planned my wedding for spring since I love bright colors and pastels and just color in general. Not that it was a garden wedding. I guess it’s more about knowing the setting/venue/etc. and knowing what’s appropriate but in general I would never wear black to a wedding! I think of colors as a way to express feelings including happiness, where a wedding is a place to show happiness, joy, light.


  • Christiana Bullard: I like to wear attire to weddings that are not too revealing, flashy, have prints, or anything that will call attention to myself. Although it may not be the most celebratory color, a cute little black dress is usually what falls into that category. It’s also a great color to disguise stains if a food or drink spill occurs!
  • Peighton Ballant: I personally don’t have a problem with someone wearing all black to a wedding, unless the bride specifically says no to it. I also wasn’t aware, that it was frowned upon before recent times. I think black is a nice and neutral color that looks good on everyone and something almost everyone has in their closet. It also won’t stand out too much in photos. I’ve also recently seen a few brides that have their bridesmaids wear black, and I really like the look of it!
  • Shanna Paris: There are a few colors I would stay away from when attending a wedding such as white, or the color of bridesmaid’s dresses however black is always a great choice in my opinion! I especially love black for an evening or Winter season wedding.
  • Bonny Bailey: I feel like today, anything but white works as a wedding guest.
  • Michelle Edmiston: In my opinion yes, it’s completely acceptable to wear black to a wedding. However, it all comes down to picking the appropriate style of black attire for the time of day and location that the wedding is taking place. 
  • David Osmola: I am for wearing black at weddings. I honestly thought that was the purpose of a woman owning a black cocktail dress was for any evening or semi-formal event.  Also, if it is not acceptable to wear a black dress then I am not sure where you would draw the line for a partially black dress or even a dark grey. What is okay and what is not? 

So, there you have it! Many on our team thinks wedding guests can wear black to a wedding without issue unless otherwise specifically told not to by the couple because no matter which side you are on, you want to be respectful of the wishes of the bride and groom for their special day.

Our experienced team at Dubsdread Catering are here to offer professional advice as well as help you personalize your special day. Just ask!

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