Real Events – A ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Affair Burns Baby Sprinkle

Real Events – Burns Baby Sprinkle
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Real Events – Burns Baby Sprinkle – A ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Affair 

At Dubsdread Catering we love being dedicated members of the team that makes your big day your best day. While we are masters at planning and executing the behind-the-scenes work, we know our clients have their own unique perspective on their event. We thank our team member Carissa Llewellyn-Burns for graciously sharing her experience and advice from her Schitt’s Creek themed Baby Sprinkle to benefit others.

GUEST OF HONOR: Tyler, Carissa, and Connor Burns
EVENT DATE: August 20, 2023
HOSTS: Tony and Ryan Leitter

Dubsdread Catering
Cakes/Dessert: Publix

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Q&A with Carissa and Tony, the Host:

What were you most excited about for this celebration?

Tony: Friends and family coming together to celebrate Carissa and Tyler’s new bundle of joy.

Carissa: The fact I didn’t have to plan anything or lift a finger! Ha!

What aspect were you excited to plan the most?

Tony: The games!

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How do you feel the planning went?

Tony: The planning went very well with fabulous communication. 

What did you find to be more difficult than you expected?

Tony: Decorating while sticking to a theme. 

What has been more fun about the process than you expected?

Tony: Planning and communicating with Carissa. It was enjoyable and rewarding helping a friend plan such a fun and special day. 

What was the best, most memorable part of the special celebration?

Tony: Carissa’s outfit and seeing everyone dress up!

Carissa: Having our work family share in our excitement. We also announced the name of Baby #2 to everyone, so it was so fun!

We also had a fun game to guess the name!

If you thought it would be Cameron, you brought diapers. If you thought it would be Carson, you brought wipes. And if you thought it would be Hunter, you brought clothes! It was fun to see what everyone brought!

Is there anything you would do differently?

Tony: Honestly, I would not have done anything differently, I was so happy with the turnout. I would have probably brought more of the famous blue punch looking back!

Photos courtesy of Carissa Llewellyn-Burns and Tony Leitter

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