Vendor Partner Spotlight: It’s Tasty Too Custom Cakes

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Interview with Heather Michaud of It’s Tasty Too Custom Cakes

At Dubsdread Catering we are proud to become dedicated members of your event team and are happy to share our knowledge and experience about planning for your big event, including finding the right vendor partners for your unique needs. Owned and operated by Heather Michaud, It’s Tasty Too is one of our partner vendors dedicated to making your special day perfect. Based in Central Florida, Heather’s mission is to create a unique, delicious piece of sugar art that you and your guests will always remember.  

Here Heather shares her experience and answers to some frequently asked questions: 

  • How long have you been in the industry?
    I’ve worked for more than 28 years as a cake decorator and have been It’s Tasty Too’s owner/decorator for the past 12 years.
  • How many wedding desserts do you do annually?
    I fulfill about 500 orders per year; however, each order can contain multiple desserts and cakes.
  • How many other events do you prepare for per month?
    I usually average about 40 to 50 events per month.
  • What is your favorite part of providing your service?
    I mean, I love designing the cakes, it’s what I do. The tastings are also one of my favorite parts as I get to meet my clients and discover their ideas and tastes.
  • How would you describe your style?
    I wouldn’t say that I have a specific style. Perhaps eclectic is a good word because I can go from super traditional to ultra-modern.
  • What kind of packages do you offer?
    I do offer different packages to specific venues and vendors. The biggest difference in pricing and packages is the number of people you want served and how ornate and number of pieces you are seeking.
  • How far in advance do you recommend couples book their cake/dessert/etc.?
    I think at least three months in advance for me is a good guideline.
  • What advice do you give to couples when choosing a bakery/cakery?
    My biggest piece of advice is to know what you are paying for and why. Just because the word “Wedding” is attached to your order should not mean it costs more than “Birthday” “Anniversary” or “Retirement”. Again, it’s about how many people you are serving and how many extras.
  • What is a pet peeve of yours during the wedding process? (Something the couple may not be aware of)
    I really hate to call it a pet peeve, but the decorator in me really dislikes seeing a beautiful ivory-colored cake placed on a white linen. And vice-versa, seeing a white cake on an ivory linen. It just doesn’t display well.
  • What sets you apart from other bakeries?
    Price is usually the first thing customers comment on, especially if they’ve been shopping it extensively. The second comment I usually receive at tastings is about the wide variety of cake flavors I offer.

 Want to learn more about It’s Tasty Too? Visit them online at:

Photography courtesy of It’s Tasty Too and Dubsdread Catering clients.

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