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An Interview with Vendor Partner Jeff Verschage of White Rose Entertainment 

At Dubsdread Catering we are proud to become dedicated members of your event team and are happy to share our knowledge and experience about planning for your big event, including finding the right vendor partners for your unique needs. Led by owner/DJ Jeff Verschage, White Rose Entertainment is one of our partner vendors dedicated to making your special day perfect. Based in Orlando, White Rose Entertainment specializes in wedding DJ and entertainment services.Orlando Wedding DJ

Here Jeff shares his experience and answers to some frequently asked questions: 

  1. How long have you been in the industry? 
    White Rose Entertainment is almost 30 years old and was established in Orlando in 1993. We have done more than 6,000 events to-date. 
  2. How many weddings do you do annually? 
    In the past several years we have been averaging about 300 events annually, including corporate functions and social gatherings, on top of our wedding bookings. 
  3. What is your favorite part of the wedding day? 
    For me, it’s a tie! There is something special about the Grand Introduction of the new couple that is just exciting to be part of. But, a professional DJ, Dance Time is why we are there and I always can’t wait to get the party started. 
  4. How would you describe your style? 
    We work hard to bring a balance of elegance and FUN! We are professional and courteous, so no nothing will ever be said or played that embarrasses our clients, but that doesn’t mean we’re stuffy. We’re there to facilitate a fun event and continually monitor the vibe and flow of things to keep everyone smiling and enjoying the experience.
  5. What kind of packages do you offer? 
    We have DJ services as well as lighting packages and photo booth options. All our packages are custom built to meet each client’s needs. No two weddings are the same so no two packages are the same.
  6. How far in advance do you recommend couples book their DJ? 
    Typically, clients book us right after they book their venue. The sooner the better as dates book up fast, especially during busy times of year. 
  7. What advice do you give to couples when choosing a DJ? 
    No one DJ is good at everything so be sure to communicate how you envision your day going, what type of music fits your needs, and your priorities. Make sure you both have a strong outline of expectations to ensure maximum enjoyment during your event.
  8. What is a pet peeve of yours during a wedding?
    If the toasts go too long, you start losing the guests interest and they can cause distractions by either leaving to go to the bar or talking amongst themselves. Sometimes it’s hard to get the enthusiasm back if too much time is lost. 
  9. What sets you apart from other DJs in the industry?
    Our custom Music Profile System is a unique planning tool ( We then use a two person DJ and MC team that is matched to the clients Music Profile as we have a team of DJs and MCs that cater to different styles of music and profiles. 
  10. What song is your favorite go-to for getting people up and dancing?
    My personal favorites are “Yeah”, “Uptown Funk” or “Low”. But these only work for certain crowds and fail horribly with others. You gotta read the crowd for sure! That is why the Music Profile System is key to a fun and entertaining event. 

Want to learn more about White Rose Entertainment? Visit them online at:

Orlando Wedding DJs
Orlando Wedding DJs
Orlando Wedding DJs
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