Pro Tip Q&A: What are Your Favorite Bridesmaid/Groomsmen Gifts?

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Pro Tip Q&A: What are Your Favorite Bridesmaid/Groomsmen Gifts?

When event planning is underway, our Dubsdread Catering Event Team gets asked for their professional opinions on everything from wedding traditions to flowers, to food. One of the questions our team gets asked is what some of their favorite bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts are they’ve seen. So, we thought we’d ask our team to share their thoughts here for your consideration. bride gifts 3

Peighton Ballant: I’ve seemed customized flasks and wine glasses, which I’ve always thought were cool. Anything that they are able to use in their everyday life is a good idea!

Christiana Bullard: A Dopp Kit with each groomsman’s initials engraved in the leather, it’s a practical and classy gift. 

Shanna Paris: I like jewelry for bridesmaids and cigars for groomsmen. The jewelry is something they can wear for the wedding and enjoy afterwards.

Michelle Edmiston: For bridesmaids I like when they receive jewelry for the wedding. For the groomsmen I have really liked some of monogram pocketknives I’ve seen recently.
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David Osmola: What I have seen a lot of, and still really like, are flasks for the groomsmen. There are so many options today and it’s a useful and thoughtful gift..
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Carissa Llewellyn-Burns: It’s hard to say because I’ve seen so many great and creative ideas! I think I like the personalized beer mugs for the gentlemen and the classic getting ready pajamas or robes for the ladies!

Kristen Berry: Nothing specific, but I love when the couple gifts their wedding party something sort of sentimental or super personalized for each member. It shows their appreciation of those who have made such efforts on their behalf.

So, there you have it! Most of our team definitely have a favorite groomsmen and bridesmaid gift they would suggest. bride gifts 5bride gifts 6bride gifts 8

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