The Historic Dubsdread Ballroom Real Wedding – Courtney and Richard

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The Historic Dubsdread Ballroom Real Wedding – Courtney Wagner and Richard Trinh

At Dubsdread Catering we love being dedicated members of the team that makes your big day your best day. While we are masters at the planning and executing the behind-the-scenes work, we know our clients have their own unique perspective on their event. We thank recent couple Courtney Wagner and Richard Trinh for graciously sharing their experience to benefit others.

BRIDE AND GROOM: Courtney Wagner and Richard Trinh
WEDDING DATE: November 19, 2022
The Historic Ballroom at Dubsdread
EVENT COORDINATOR: David Osmola, Senior Wedding and Event Coordinator

Photographer: Lazzat Photography
Florist: Farm 9 Flowers
DJ: Soundwave Entertainment 
Desserts: Cake Designers
Hair/Makeup: Moonstone Artistry
Planner: Seas Your Day


How/where did you get engaged? 
We got engaged in Fort Myers/Cape Coral on December 11, 2020, in our hotel room. Two weeks prior we had been down visiting Richard’s family for Thanksgiving and decided to go Black Friday shopping and I ended up picking out my ring that day. We picked up the ring on the 11th, and since he hadn’t officially asked me, I just put it on to quickly verify that it fit and then gave it back to him to package away for when he was ready as he probably had some kind of plan but I didn’t when it would happen. Before he put it away, I asked if I could see it one last time, and his words were that it hurt him too much to take it away, and he asked if I wanted to keep it on forever. In shock I asked if he really meant it and then happily accepted. We Face-Timed my parents, which I never do, and had to shout at my mom to actually pay attention to me because I was holding my ring up to my face. It was the happiest, funniest, moment of my life.

What are you most excited about for your wedding day?
This is such a hard one to pick! I am most excited for the first look with Richard because it’s going to be a special moment for just us. Richard is most excited to have all our friends and family together and celebrate with them.

What aspect are you excited to plan the most? (Ceremony, food & beverages, photographer, DJ)
So far, the planning process for our food and beverages has been a lot of fun. We are definitely foodies, so finding the perfect menu that is “us” to share with our guests has brought us so much joy. We love all our vendors, too! Our photographer, Lazzat, is amazing and made our engagement photo session so much fun. Farm Nine Flowers created a phenomenal design that I am head over heels for. Really, everything is fantastic. We are really excited for our wedding!


How do you feel the planning is going?
Very well! We’ve not really run into any hiccups. We’ve been able to get pretty much everything finalized with the vendors we want. We’re very happy and excited.

What have you found to be more difficult than you expected?
Making our final choices. Our vendors have presented us with some amazing options! 

What has been more fun about the process than you expected?
Not that we didn’t really expect it, but because we started planning so far in advance, we really have the opportunity to make this day special for us and our guests. 


What was the best, most memorable part of your big day?
Richard: The toasts. My dad is a reserved gentleman, so hearing him speak was really touching. Also, being thrown up in the air by my groomsmen was pretty fun!

Courtney: There were so many that day! We really had an amazing time. I loved seeing the reception space with our wedding party after getting married and having a second to toast with them and thank them for everything. Our last dance was so special, it was nice to have those minutes together just savoring the start to married life. Also, our walkout was funny because a lot of our friends kept shouting “five” in reference to holding the kiss for at least five seconds which just made us laugh so the pictures turned out really well!

If you could change one or two things about your event, what would they be? 
Richard: I would have added a photo booth.

Courtney: I’m really happy with our wedding, there wasn’t anything I would change.

Is there any advice you would give other couples planning their event that you wish some-one had told you?
Richard: Make a list of what you need on the day of, so you don’t forget things.

Courtney: Not that I wish someone had told me, but something I was told and think it’s important to share. There are so many books, videos, and opinions out there that it can be overwhelming and you want to do everything. Take the time to create a vision of your wedding day together and use that to plan instead of all the other outside sources. It’s your day and it needs to mean something to the two of you.

Photos courtesy of the bride, groom, and Lazzat Photography.

When you book a wedding with Dubsdread Catering at one of our exclusive venues, we provide wedding coordination at no additional charge. Our coordinators become dedicated members of your team bringing experience and expertise to help you execute your vision. Contact them today via our Contact Us page to make our team your team in making your dreams come true. 

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