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Orlando Wedding DJ

An Interview with Vendor Partner Kristen Wilson of Our DJ Rocks 

At Dubsdread Catering we are proud to become dedicated members of your event team and are happy to share our knowledge and experience about planning your big day, including finding the right vendor partners for your unique needs. DJ Kristin Wilson, owner and DJ for Our DJ Rocks, is one of our partner vendors dedicated to making your special day perfect.

Orlando Wedding DJ

Here she shares her experience and most frequently asked questions:

  1. How long have you been in the industry?
    This year, Our DJ Rocks is celebrating its 10-year anniversary!  
  2. How many weddings do you do annually?
    We ROCK between 600-700 weddings each year!  
  3. What is your favorite part of the wedding day?
    My favorite part of the wedding day is seeing them walk down the aisle towards their other half for the first time. I get just as excited as the couple, and as soon as I start the processional music, I turn around to look at their future spouse to see all the emotions build up and think: THIS is what we are all here to celebrate.  
  4. How would you describe your style? 
    When it comes to our team of female DJs, it’s tough to put into words what we’re like, but here goes. We are uber-organized, easy to work with, and like a briefcase-on-a-rope-swing, professional yet fun. We are extremely positive, always smile, and tend to add to the energy and excitement of your celebration. We dress nicely, our gear is neat and cleanly covered, we are insured, and we do bring backup equipment. 
  5. What kind of packages do you offer?
    No two couples are the same and every wedding is different. That is why we customize all of our packages – we want your wedding to be as unique as you are! We don’t want to leave out something you love or include something you don’t need! We can do a microphone and sound for the ceremony, have cocktail hour music ready as guests arrive, and then of course rock it out in the reception as the DJ and MC, with dance floor lighting, uplights, and even a photo booth if you want! You can even add fun things like dancing on a cloud, snow, a monogram, or a Co2 Cannon! 
  6. How far in advance do you recommend couples book their DJ? 
    We would recommend booking your DJ and Entertainment package 8 months to a year in advance if you want the first choice of vendors and the most availability. 
  7. What advice do you give to couples when choosing a DJ?
    We encourage all of our couples to do their research. Look at the quality of online reviews and how recent they are and check out their social media to engage with them and get a vibe! Because Wedding DJs play such a huge role in your reception, it’s important to hire an experienced wedding DJ who’s capable of creating the type of experience you’re looking for. Wedding DJs do more than just play music. And much of what they do takes place before they even show up at your venue. Here’s all the things—from start to finish—that a wedding DJ does to make your day everything you’ve always dreamed. We’d love to share what we’ve written on what a wedding DJ does! 
  8. What is a pet peeve of yours during a wedding? (something the couple may not be aware of)
    I LOVE input from my couples. The more I get to know them and the more options they give us, the better we can craft their experience. On the flip side of that, when it comes to the one to two hours of straight dancing time that is available during a wedding reception, my biggest pet peeve is when they give us six hours of music requests to fit in a one- to two-hour time frame. When that happens, I try to help them categorize and narrow down their choices so that I truly know what they want to DANCE to. And the songs they love and want to enjoy, I’ll use to customize cocktail hour or dinner.  
  9. What sets you apart from other DJs in the industry? 
    I think it comes down to vibe and being able to relate. We try to collaborate with you on what ambiance you are looking for and what music you do and don’t like. We will pick your brain like crazy to get as much detail as possible before your event or wedding (we’ve got an online planning system you can use), and as your DJ and MC, we act just like a thermostat – reading the temperature in the room and bringing it up or down as needed. Our goal is to make sure not only YOU and YOUR friends are dancing, but also your family and their friends. 
    You can play with our online planning system at: 
    Username: TESTWEDDING; Password: TESTWEDDING 
    Orlando Wedding DJsWe believe in classic sing along songs like “Don’t Stop Believing” and “Jessie’s Girl”. I also have a signed copy of the Baby One More Time album in my office. Our Spotify playlists include everything from Jason Aldean and Lynyrd Skynyrd, to Cardi B and Nelly, to Marc Anthony and Ozuna. We have a strong and professional MC presence. And whether you’re looking for a classic celebration or a rager, we got you! 
  10. What song is your favorite go-to for getting people up and dancing?
    Oh my gosh – what a hard question! This is all going to depend on the couple’s music taste, the age ranges of their friends and family, and what parts of the world they are from. I’m not sure I could pinpoint ONE song that is a one-size-fits-all. One resource we use to get all that information is our couple’s online music planning portal where they can put in their top MUST PLAY songs. If you want to check it out, we have a sample one available online!  

Want to learn more about Our DJ Rocks, the team, and their work? Visit their site at:

Orlando Wedding DJs
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